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Telefonische Terminvereinbarung

Aufgrund der Covid19-Vorschriften bitte Tattoo-Termine telefonisch vereinbaren.

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Kunst fürs Wohnzimmer

Portrait, Tiere, Stars und Sternchen - Mario zeichnet dein Wunschbild.

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New Tattoo Work
New Tattoo Work

More than 20 new works

We updated our Tattoo-gallery. See Mario's latest works!

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New Artwork
New Artwork

From Batman to Star Wars

Christian Bale, Star Wars, Wildlife - 11 new artworks in the Art-Gallery.

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Benefiz ganz in Roth

Mario ist Schirmherr des Benefiz-Konzerts mit Olli Roth für den Verein der Palliativ-Care-Teams.

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TV-show featuring Mario

"Makel? Los!" is the title of a 2019 Reality Soap on German TV-channel VOX

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Stan Lee

RIP Stan Lee

"I was lucky to meet Stan Lee in person two years ago. Nice man - may he rest in peace."

Stan Lee on facebook

New Tattoo-Art

Several examples of Mario's latest works on the Tattoo-website

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Markus Kafka

Markus Kavka

Meeting music expert and DJ Markus Kavka to show him my new portrait art.

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Tattoo-Studio. Illustration. Performing Arts

Mario Rieger is a multi-talented artist. Worldwide known for his entertaining showacts based on bodybuilding and streetdance, Mario now focusses his artistic talent on Tattoo Art. Now the human body is his favorite surface for realizing his beautiful and outstanding artworks.

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About The ArtistMario on Mario

Since 1986 I am in the Showbusiness. First I got booked as a Breakdancer for dance events. When I started Bodybuilding and competed at championships, it was clear which way I would go. Doing a combination with elements of Bodybuilding, dancing, Martial Arts and acting I created my Showacts to an entertaining experience. I play Characters like the Terminator, Wolverine, Ironman, Predator etc. After national shows and a couple of TV-Broadcasts came my breakthrough to international level. For example I was engaged five times for the Mr. Olympia weekend in Las Vegas. I also entertained twice at the Arnold Schwarzenegger Classics in Columbus Ohio. At the worldwide biggest Fitness Expo, the FIBO Germany, I performed 25 years in a row. 2010 I participated in the german TV show “Supertalent”.

As an Illustrator I got well-known through my hyperrealistic Pencil-Drawings. Besides doing Portraits of Humans and Animals I created Company Logos, Corporate Designs or worked on huge Paintings for Expo Decoration.

2005 I started my professional career as a tattoo artist, which is my main activity until today. Since 2011 I run my own tattoo studio, meanwhile located in my home village Fichtenberg, Germany. I am an Allrounder tattooing many different styles. Of course my favorite is realistic Black & Grey. 2019 I appear as an expert in Cover–Ups working for a TV beauty-show.

Mario Rieger's Tattoo Studio

Tattoo Artist

Mario works as professional tatto-artist since 2005. His tattoo studio is located in Fichtenberg, a small village about 50 km away from Stuttgart, Germany.

Mario Rieger's Body Performance Show

Body Performance Artist

Due to the high demand for Mario's Tattoo Art, his capacity and time for Body Performance Shows is limited. There will be only a few events a year where you can see Mario live on stage.

Mario Rieger: Illustrator


Drawing always was Mario's passion. He created art for business companies and private customers. His illustration art was published f.i. on prints & posters, calendars and murals.

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